Micropolka 550 T

MICROPOLKA is a tourist yacht designed according to measurement regulations for tourist class MICRO
for 5 people (cat C).

Hull and modules of interior are made with polyester - glass laminate, the deck is stiffened with an interlayer.
Interior contains four full size berths in which there are three lockers. In the cabin there is sapce for a chemical WC. The interior can be finished off with a laminate filler or covered with lining. On the pillar there is a revolving and lifting table which can be disassembled an placed in the cockpit. Side stringers act as swallow nests with the capacity of 200 liters. Open stern can be closed with solid or dismantling deck transom.
Mast and boom are made of anodizet aluminium profiles and rigging is made of stainless steel. Mast and deck ferrules and rudder yoke etc. are made of corrosion-proof materials.
Ballast MICROPOLKA 550T can be exploited in two ballast trims:
  • tourist, island - without ballast. At that time the yacht is not floodable.
  • regatta racing in MICRO class (130 - 180 kg) - it gains stability with load of top of mast 15 kg. In this trim the yacht is uncapsizable and not floodable, and can be exploited on sheltered sea and shore navigation.

World Chanpionship MICROCUP - cruiser class

Overall length5.50m
WL length5.24m
Extreme beam2.45m
WL beam1.80m
WL Draft min. / max.0.24 / 1.15m
Sail area:
mainsail11,5 - 12m2
foresail4,5 - 5m2
yacht weight480-650kg
Height of mast over deck7.6m
Number of berths4
Cabin height min.1.25m
Outboard motor2-5HP

  • 2 sails: mainsail, foresail,
  • pulpit,
  • 2 pushpits,
  • guardrail,
  • pillar of the mast fixed on the stern,
  • ladder,
  • masthead light,
  • inside lamp,
  • electric board: 3 safety device + lighter pocket + measurer of charging a battery,
  • electric pocket to connect a charging from motor or solar battery,
  • mattres,
  • oak mobil table to mount on the pillar on the cabin or outside in the cockpit,
  • oak locket - galley,
  • price from please, contact us for price details